4 Main Features of kintone

This article will help you learn some of the main features of kintone!

Never miss a thing with the kintone Reminder feature

When information is recorded or updated on kintone, users receive a notification on their account homepage or via email. Users are therefore able to keep informed and up to date with what is happening, ensuring a speedy and efficient response.

Optimise information sharing with the kintone Comments feature

kintone not only stores and organises information but allows comments to be posted simultaneously, eliminating the need for tedious emails and phone calls to be sent out. By creating a centralised space for comments to be posted, users can offer discussions and suggestions for effective communication and increased productivity.

Make quick and informed business judgements by viewing all graphs in just one click

kintone allows you obtain an overview of all graphs from various standpoints. This not only reduces the work needed to aggregate data graphs, but allows quick and prompt business judgements to be made when required.

Available in three languages, kintone is suitable for everyone

kintone can be customised for each user separately, offering Japanese, Chinese and English as a display language. This eliminates the need and cost of ensuring staff understand a specific language. Users are also assured no text corruption will occur from language to language.

Tsuyoshi Endo

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