Case Study 1: NK AGRI, Agriculture x kintone

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About the Company Let’s start with a quick background story about NK AGRI. Founded in 2009, the company entered the agricultural industry looking to provide safe and reliable agriculture production. Interestingly, upon establishment there was not one person who had knowledge and experience in agriculture and so, you could say, the company started from scratch. Within four years NK AGRI increased their production by 30%. Furthermore, the company kept its sales losses to an impressive 0.04%. B ...

From part-timer to analytic genius- Tomoko’s kintone story

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Recently on April 14, many gathered at the kintone hive Nagoya event to share their technical knowhow and expertise. Ms Tomoko Onishi from Japan’s Geo Holdings Corporation took the stage to show off how she used kintone to efficiently integrate data from all Geo stores across the country in to one. What is Geo? As a quick background story, Geo holds over 1800 stores across the country. Its services include media rental services, mobile phone services, second-hand recycle stores, online service ...


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